Reveal Laser


leading the market in medical & aesthetic energy based devices providing effective treatments for patients


Senior Ui Ux Designer




redesign the reveal experience

🤔 Problem

Reveal current design of its medical and aesthetic energy-based devices is not optimize for user experience, potentially affecting treatment precision and provider satisfaction.

💡 Hypothesis

A redesign of the devices UI should aim to enhance usability and serves as a strategic move to elevate the Reveal brand as an innovative and forward-thinking leader in the medical and aesthetic industry.

🧩  Solutions

Introduce a redesigned UI for Reveal's devices, prioritizing quality, ease of use, and a futuristic aesthetic. Implement user-friendly controls, intuitive navigation, and a visually appealing interface that conveys cutting-edge technology. The design should align with Reveal's commitment to innovation, creating a seamless and visually striking experience for both providers and patients

🏁 Results

Following the UI redesign, Reveal experienced a notable improvement in user satisfaction, reflected in a 80% increase in positive feedback from providers. The redesigned interface contributed to a 15% reduction in device learning curve, enhancing efficiency in medical and aesthetic procedures

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