Mafil is a leading provider for high tier enterprises, for all smart print, industrial print and computing needs


Senior Ui Ux designer




Revamp Mafil's website

🤔 Problem

Mafil confronts issues with an outdated website that hampers optimal support for clients and impedes the seamless sale of their smart print, industrial print, and computing products

💡 Hypothesis

Redesigning Mafil's website to align with modern standards, emphasizing optimal support and streamlined product sales, will not only improve client satisfaction but also enhance Mafil's competitive position in serving high-tier enterprises

🧩  Solutions

Implement a comprehensive website redesign for Mafil, focusing on modern aesthetics, user-friendly navigation, and intuitive product showcasing. Prioritize optimal client support features and create a seamless e-commerce platform for easy product transactions.

🏁 Results

Following the website redesign, Mafil experienced a 30% increase in online product sales and a 25% rise in client engagement.

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