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Dan Hotels chain comprises 18 luxury hotels: 17 in Israel and one in Bengaluru, India, with approximately 4,300 rooms in central locations nationwide. From its founding, the Dan Hotels chain has set high standards in all its hotels, and has been the hotel industry’s standard bearer, through its work procedures and also due to the professional training of all employees.


Senior Ui Ux designer


Dan hotels


Remake the hospitality experience

🤔 Problem

Dan Hotels encounters challenges in delivering an optimal hospitality experience, especially during the check-in process and guests' stay. There is a need to enhance guest satisfaction and streamline operations to maintain a competitive edge in the hospitality industry.

💡 Hypothesis

Implementing a user-centric mobile app for Dan Hotels, focusing on seamless check-in procedures and providing personalized services during the stay, will significantly improve guest satisfaction.

🧩  Solutions

Introduce a feature-rich mobile app that allows guests to easily check in, access key information about the hotel, request services, and provide feedback. The app should offer a user-friendly interface, personalized recommendations, and real-time communication to address guests' needs, fostering a more enjoyable and convenient stay.

🏁 Results

Following the mobile app launch, Dan Hotels witnessed a surge in downloads, with a 30% increase in app users within the first month for more than 10K.
Overall good user satisfaction and high prizes on the design

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