Influencers Integration


With the rise of social media, Gen-Z audiences are less prone to consume content via the older media channels and publication, and instead prefer to consume their content form social media influencers

🤔 Problem

Our publishers looking for new ways to attract younger audiences & diversify their revenue channels. Similarly influencer always need more exposure to get better brand deals and ad revenue

💡 Hypothesis

Creating an integration via our platform between publishers and influencers can benefit both sides, in similar pain points and concerns .


The research goal was to explore potential options for this integration and if indeed this integration is beneficial and impactful for both parties.

📊 Statistic & data analysis

As a start we gather information from multiple articles, from leading domain experts nd statistical data from sites such as “Statista” to get a sense of the market potential and highlight opportunities.

💬 Market Expert Interviews

We interviewed a domain expert in the field of influencer market. their expertise helped us to shed light of different pain points influencer and marketers are experiencing in their ongoing communications

🔑 Key takeaways

Statistics & data analysis
  • Influencer market cap is huge 30B$
  • High ROI ratio 5:1
  • 66% Brands would increase their ads spent  budget for influencers

User Interviews
  • Influencers are subjected to continues audits from the brands.
  • Influencers continuously need to create new content. and "cannot" reuse older content

  • Hard to find the right influencer
  • Fake Influencers, are common
  • Hard to track activity
  • Value proposition


New Card

create a new experience to our card catalog allowing publishers to integrate influencer content to their feed.


allow our publisher via our dashboard to auction content segments, and receive video content made by influencers that align or resembles to the content context.  

Engage HUB

a new platform allowing influencers to upload their new and already existing content to be served as an organic and paid ad inventory.


🚦 Traffic demographic increase

having an 5-10% increase in page views form age groups 
18-24, 25-34

🤑 Revenue Lift %

monthly revenue lift by 1-3%
cross all the publishers using Influencer card

⏫ RPM lift %

5-10% RPM lift for pages with Influencer cards


🏁 Results

Due to business decision, and a change in the companies efforts this project was suspended :(

🦶Next steps

Revisit this option, explore more options to for this integration

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Explore more case study

Explore more case study

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