Dyploma is a deployments automation tool that enables developers software engineers , data scientists and Devops engineers to execute, upload, update and monitor versions of different applications and services used by the organization

🤔 Problem

Dyploma is missing opportunities to boost efficiency, and the designed is not aligned to the current design system

💡 Hypothesis

Mapping out the most common use cases, while highlighting the major friction points in them would help understand were should we focus in our efforts to boost efficiency


The research goal was to learn what are the common work flows within dyploma , average time they took to complete, options that are missing, general user feedback

📊 Statistic & data analysis

From the gather information it was clear there is a great potential

💬 User Interviews

Talking with team leads from all the different engineering groups, to get their feedback on the tool, walkthrough on their usage.

🔑  Key takeaways

Statistics & data analysis
  • On average user spent about 18 session of total 50 min editing deployments
  • Users only uses the deployments & services pages
User Interviews
  • Navigating is a hassleImportant information is missing in the create service & deployment funnel
  • Create funnels can be cumbersome and lengthy


Smart search

create a unique search modal that allows aside form quicker results to also prompt common create actions and make all more immediate

Navigation panel

Altering the tool layout, and adding a navigation panel allowing users to more quickly navigate between their most common and recent pages

Leaner Funnels

reduce the service create funnel to a singular process and automate settings and configuration that rarely require a change.

Reduce the noise

Align the current design to the design system, rearrange hierarchy and layout.


📈 Boost overall efficiency by %

Increass efficiency by 3-5%

⏲️ Reduce time to action by %

reduce average TTA by 5-10%

😄 Users satisfaction %

more then 60% of the user would favor the new design and usage


🏁 Results

After the release of the beta version we saw a significant increase in all KPI5% less working hours for each engineer in averageTakes 20% less time to create deployments 90% of all engineers gave high prizes for the new dyploma design and ease of use

🦶Next steps

Full version release, remove unused features, create usage insights and reports. explore more automation options

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